Flourishing With Showliana

"Flourishing with Showliana" is an interview podcast that features conversations with the popular VALORANT player, Showliana. In each episode, listeners get a glimpse into the life and experiences of Showliana, as well as insights into the world of gaming and streaming.

Inspired by the essence of previous Flourishing episodes, working directly with Riot Games creative teams, we had the exciting opportunity to rebrand the logo and overall identity, crafting a fresh design that perfectly complements Showliana's unique persona. We aimed to preserve the authentic voice of Showliana, designing an identity that reinforced the unique story of Showliana. The logo served as the visual identity for the specific episode, with each installment highlighting a different VALORANT player - this time it was Showliana. Our focus was on ensuring the logo reflected the persona of Showliana, the host of the episode.



Logo Design

Logo & Branding

By emphasizing “flourishing,” design is created to bring forward a feeling of growth, vitality and beauty which follows the podcast’s theme of personal development. The cursive font is elegant and feminine, appealing to the audience and creating a sense of intimacy and personal touch between the podcast and its listeners. The colors referenced the initial colors of Game Changers VALORANT, the yellow and navy following the brand guidelines as set by Riot Games. The lively hue of yellow was purposefully integrated into the social media designs, featuring a blossoming flower as an additional brand element that not only pays homage to the logo but also enhances the overall depth of the design.

Instagram mockups of Flourishing With Showliana podcast

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