We had the exciting opportunity to conceptualize and execute the comprehensive branding, social, and marketing materials for Connectify SMS, a tech company specializing in crafting highly effective marketing SMS campaigns. Our expert team worked on the branding and identity, logo design, motion design, digital paid ads, as well as email marketing and SMS marketing campaigns.



Logo Design

Motion Design

SMS Campaigns

Branding Identity

Responding to the client's preference for cleanliness and minimalism with a touch of classic typography, the logo seamlessly blends a chat box and a check mark, symbolizing the successful delivery and reception of messages. The strategic use of green as the primary color underscores the concept of message delivery, while the addition of bold purple provides a striking contrast. Notably, they boasted an impressive 93% read rate for their messages, a metric that inspired the essence of their logo design.

This project primarily involved creating social media and web advertisements, along with designing banners for billboards and street posters. The campaign unified its elements by incorporating chat bars, predominantly utilizing a dark purple background to effectively capture attention, complemented by vibrant green accents.

Instagram ads for Connectify SMSBillboard for Connectify SMSPaid Ads for Connectify SMS