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Designing the website for New South Medical was an exciting project for me. We aimed to create a site that not only looked modern and professional but also provided a user-friendly experience for visitors. We focused on organizing the information in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for patients to find what they were looking for.



Web Design

Logo Design


We tacked New South Medical's brand by crafting a brand new, fresh and relevant identity and logo in a scalable format. Our expert team curated a comprehensive logo suite, introducing vibrant colors and dynamic fonts, accompanied by usage guidelines to fortify the brand's identity.

For the logo, we used blue and green colors in to symbolize trust, growth, and healing, while the plus sign represents their unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality medical care and adding value to their patients' lives.

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Web Design

We crafted New South Medical's website from the ground up, utilizing no-code technology with Webflow for seamless content editing and rapid updates. In creating the website, we opted for a dark blue background as the primary color, a choice that seamlessly extended to our social media graphics. This decision was deliberate – dark blue not only provides a visually soothing experience but, following extensive competitive research, aligns well with the conventions of the medical field. The incorporation of the green from our logo into our call-to-action buttons serves a dual purpose: it creates a contrast against the dark blue backdrop and maintains brand consistency.

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